Chief Patron’s Message

A good education, as desired by The National Education Board, foundation and PrimeOne School, will certainly be fulfilled when three decisive learning resources are present, namely: human resources, environmental resources, and multi-media resources. Among these three resources, human resources are the most dominant in influencing the process of quality learning. Human resources provide a role model and develop the student’s interests, potential and creativity, cultivate students with strong personalities and noble character both spiritually and physically, with an attitude that is acceptable to themselves, their families, friends, country and the world.

In educating students, PrimeOne School should emphasize on moral teaching, excellence in English, Indonesian, and Mandarin, having ethical values and good personality, an authority on science and information technology integrated into the socio-cultural environment. The democratic learning process of education; guiding, developing and motivating is supported by state-of-art learning facilities and infrastructures which enable the optimal development of the students potential and talents.

Amrin Susilo Halim