Trekking Through The Jungle, Closer To Nature

In order to engraft the love of nature and strengthen the bond of friendship between the PrimeOne School students, teachers, and staffs, the group consisting of PrimeOne School Senior High 3 students as well as POS big family members participated the Sumatera Hash Healthy Walk. It was organized by the Sumatera Hash House Harriers Harriettes Medan-Indonesia on Sunday, February 23rd, 2018.

The group departed from the South Building at 1:00 PM local time by the school buses and arrived at Desa Sugau, Pancur Batu a few minutes later. The jungle hiking started at 3:30 PM local time. The senior trekkers kindly escorted the POS students to ensure their safety and would not lose the track or lost inside the jungle.

For the rookies (students), the area travelled was difficult despite choosing the short track for the trekking that day. Due to the steep, wet and slippery land condition, the senior trekkers, the staffs as well as the teachers, endlessly keep on giving directions and assisted them to pass through the obstacles. Steven Fernando, a SH3 Shoichiro Honda student, who is the current active member of Sumatera Hash, helped and gave tips to his friends. The adventure was exhausting yet challenging. Those things are incomparable with the togetherness and the beautiful memories shared. The difficult journey turned easy because of the laughs, jokes, and the talks between the trekkers and POS citizens.

In the middle of the trekking, the group stopped at the river to replenish the fatigue, thirst and some took the chance for cleaning their shoes without knowing the trip is yet to finish and muddy field was ahead. The clarity of the river flow made the group stayed longer for some splashes and photo takings. Right at the finish line, the group was served with satays, martabaks, rice cakes and others. The tiring trip was redeemed well with tasty food.