The Stunning Awards in the Outset of School Year 2018/2019

At the beginning of school year 2018/2019, PrimeOneSchool reassured its existence in various competitions. In Olimpiade Siswa Nasional (OSN) 2018 held in Padang on July 1-7, 2018, Poonam Raj Kaur (Grade IX), earned a bronze medal in Math  Competition. PrimeOne School also recorded its name in Singapore International Mathematics Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) conducted in Singapore on July 6-9, 2018, with 16 participating countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Laos, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Russia, Philippines and Indonesia. A gold medal was successfully achieved by Chelsea Miranda Annabel Lumban Gaol (Grade V) in Maths Warrior Competition. She also made another success by winning a silver medal in Mind Sports Challenge and bronze in Math Olympiad Contest.  Moreover, other POS students who also won silver medals in Math Olympiad Contest are Juan Karlov Sinulingga (Grade VI) and Magnus Yunus (Grade VIII).

Furthermore in World Mathematics International (WMI) 2018 in Seoul, South Korea, participated by 20 countries namely: Taiwan, USA, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, Iran, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, India, Bulgaria, England, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Cambodia and Indonesia. PrimeOne School students also brought 1 gold, 2 silver, and 9 bronze medals. Jannis Jonathan earned his wings in gold for Grade XI, while Jarren Javier Jap (Grade II), and Poonam Raj Kaur (Grade VIII), won silver and 9 bronzes were gained by M. Keenan (Grade I), Darren Egbert Lim and Kaisar Adelard Sihaloho (Grade II), VeldaTanata (Grade IV), Challista Aurelia (Grade V), Cindy Austin (Grade VI), Angeline Charisa Dewi (Grade XI), Chelsea Alvanya Rahceline Gultom (Grade VIII) and Michael Ballard Isaiah Silaen (Grade VII). In addition, merit was earned by Batsyeba Junita Saragi and Fayola (Grade X), Chelsea Clarissa (Grade V) and Sheldon Suryadi (Grade I).

Congratulations on the brilliant accomplishments! Thanks to the hard work of students and teachers.