Despite the pandemic, PrimeOne School (POS) keeps its existence in various competitions. In American Math Olympiad (AMO) held on 9 November 2021, POS students nailed two medals:

  • Klarissa Witania (Grade XI) gold
  • Gilbert Allister (Grade XI) silver

23 countries participated in this Olympiad such as Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Phillipines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka,Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States, Uzbekistan and Vietnam and many more.

PrimeOne School also claimed its name in Cross Country Competition conducted virtually on 22 -23 February 2022. Emeline gloriously achieved the first winner. Meanwhile in National English Competition (NEC) 2022 held by State University of Medan, Primeschoolers brought home two trophies Winnie Tiocuardy and Vellica the 3rd runner up in Essay Writing.

Afterwards, Gilbert Allister earned his wings in silver, while Klarissa Witania won bronze in SINGA GLOBAL Competition held on 27 February 2022 with 10 countries participating: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, India, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan and Cambodia.

Besides, Vezelyne Suwandi, Louisa Princess Gunawan and Harrison won gold medals and Kevin Kok claimed silver medal at Olimpiade Sains Nasional Rihand Creative (ORC VII 2022) held on 26 March 2022. This competition was attended by 1650 participants from 33 provinces in Indonesia.

Last but not least, Jordan Tjamara was accepted to Civil Engineering & Environment, Bandung Institute and Technology while Benny Christiano was accepted to Electronic Engineering and Information, Bandung Institute and Technology through SNMPTN.

Congratulations for the brilliant accomplishments! You all have given PrimeOne School a good name. Your hard work paid off. Let us set the higher targets for upcoming competitons.