Our nation, Indonesia, is very rich in culture and consists of multiple ethnic groups with their own uniqueness, customs and celebrations.

PrimeOne School believes that this diversity should be celebrated. POS is committed to promote programmes that help students learn about the richness of our culture. The fifteenth day of Lunar New Year, commonly known as Cap Go Meh, is one of the annual celebrations passed down through generations within

PrimeOne School, organized by its Students’ Council members held a celebration of Cap Go Meh on Saturday, 8 February 2020 in Adi Mulia Hotel, Medan. It was celebrated by having performances by the BOB students, wushu and the barongsai dance. In this celebration, school also invited the BOB students and their parents as the appreciation for their hard work in academic skills.

Participating in this POS festive celebration of Cap Go Meh were the school founders, BOB (best of the best) students and their parents, students who won in national and international competitions, BOB teachers, subject coordinators, school’s board of management and other school’s special invited guests, such as Head Chief of Chinese-Indonesian communities of North Sumatera (Masyarakat Tionghoa Indonesia Sumatera Utara – MITSU)

Everybody was excited! Students, parents, teachers, staff members and all the guests all dressed up in red and gold, the colours that symbolize luck in the Chinese culture.

Thank you very much for all the support and happy lunar new year from PrimeOne School. Have a wonderful year ahead.