On June 18, 2022, PrimeOne School (POS) held its 2021-2022 Graduation ceremony in the UCSN Hall.

The event was an extraordinary moment, with 485 graduates consisting of 69 preschool students, 122 elementary students, 154 junior high school students and 140 high school students who have passed the learning process in academic year 2021-2022.

PrimeOne School Academic Director, Dr. Fauziah Khairani Lubis, M. Hum. spoke to the graduates at the ceremony. “To face the ever-changing digital world that demands mastery of technology, PrimeOne School will continue to innovate by prioritizing digital technology-based learning and developing creative and innovative mindsets. All of this is combined in education that instills commendable characters so that our students are ready to become mature, collaborative, and noble individuals for the community,” she added.

In addition, she announced that in 2022, POS won a prestigious national award, namely the Digital Innovation Award from the MNC Jakarta portal, with the e-primeone application that is able to answer educational needs by bridging the availability of information for parents and students wherever they are. We hope that this application is able to maximize the growth and development of students’ potential to earn fabulous achievements.

Meanwhile, Mr. Amrin Susilo Halim, the founder of POS, gave 5 meaningful messages to the graduates, they are:

  1. Keep the spirit of learning for education at the next level so that you can achieve what you have always dreamed of
  2. Always be thankful to your parents.
  3. Always maintain the good name of the school.
  4. Help those who need help.
  5. Our prayers are for you wherever you are.

The graduation ceremony was also completed with the award given to the best of the best students from all levels, Preschool to Senior High Level. They were given the scholarships awards so that the students remain enthusiastic in achieving even better achievements in the future.