PrimeOne School Introduces Devotion Time for Students’ Spiritual Development

PrimeOne School recognizes that educating young learners would require a holistic approach to develop the learners’ body, mind, and soul. All of those aspects need to be balanced in order to develop a highly functioning adult with high sense of belonging to the society.

One of the aspects which are often overlooked in learners’ development is the spiritual development. Spiritual development is crucial in developing learners’ behavior and attitudes towards others and it will also prepare learners to face hardships throughout their lives. Recognizing this, PrimeOne School introduces Devotion Time for Christian learners to worship God while learning from His Words.

The Devotion Time is conducted every Thursday and on its debut, on 24th October 2019, the Eaglekidz team from Gereja Mawar Sharon spread the gospel of Luke regarding the importance of praying and reflecting God’s gospel every day. The Devotion Time was attended by 85 students.

By developing various aspects in learners’ life by using well-integrated programs and activites, PrimeOne School has used a holistic approach in educating our future generation.