PrimeOne School Graduation and Farewell Party 2022-2023

PrimeOne School (POS) held its 2022-2023 Graduation & Farewell Party ceremony in the UCSN Hall, South POS on 17 June 2023.  It was the day to celebrate and congratulate not only the 12th graders but also the pre-schoolers, 6th as well as the 9th graders.


The event was extraordinary, with 532 graduates from the academic year 2022-2023, consisting of 105 preschool students, 129 elementary students, 150 junior high school students and 148 senior high school students.


The event was attended by nearly 2000 people and the hall was filled with colors as the graduates wore academic attire like togas and traditional attire called Kebaya. They were attentive to every part of the ceremony.


Dr. Fauziah Khairani Lubis, M. Hum., Academic Director of PrimeOne School, addressed the graduates during the ceremony. She gave brief opening remarks to the graduates and congratulated them on their achievements. She encouraged the students to dedicate their lives to being agents of change.


The graduation ceremony was completed with the awarding of the best of the best students from Preschool to Senior High Level. The awardees were given the scholarships so that the students would remain motivated to achieve even greater success in the future. All awardees will later be granted a cultural tour to China. Congratulations and we are proud of you!

2023617日在南校区稳水秀莲 厅举行了2022-2023学年毕业暨欢送会典礼。这个重要的日子,不仅要祝贺十二年级的学生们,也要祝贺学前班、六年级以及九年级的学生们。

1 29小学生150初中生148高中生


甲大国际规范学校学术总监Fauziah Khairani Lubis博士在毕业典礼上与毕业生们交谈。她向毕业生们发表了简短的欢迎辞,祝贺同学们取得的成绩,并建议学生们致力成为变革的推动者。


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