PrimeOne School Goes to China

In this global era, cultural tour seems to be one of the crucial parts in educational program at school. It leads to cultural immersion which is believed to encourage students to become more adaptable and open-minded. It lets students learn to respect cultural norms and appreciate the diversity in the society. It also helps students develop crucial communication and interpersonal skills which are essential not only in academic settings but also in future professional endeavours. Those splendid benefits of cultural immersion, have made Cultural Tour to be an annual agenda in PrimeOne School.

This September, PrimeOne School along with its 50 members, visited Shenzhen, Qingyuan and Guangzhou in China as a reward to all Best of The Best Students, Staffs, Teachers and Board of Management. This 5-days tour covered a wide range of activities for all of the participants to enjoy. PrimeOne School tour participants departed from Medan to Shenzhen on 22 September 2023. The first two places to visit were Window of The World which provides the miniature of various landmarks from all over the world, and Splendid of China where everyone could see the most famous miniatures in China, such as the Great Wall, the Dunhuang Mogao Caves and the Huangguoshu Waterfall, followed by a spectacular show. The next day, the tour participants visited Qingyuan to experience the thrilling adventure at Huang Teng Xia Tennis Racket Sky Bridge and Tianmen Skywalk. The next destination was Guangzhou, where the participants visited Flower City Square and Yong Qing Fang Old City. On the last day of the tour, there was a visit to a local university in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Tower and Yexiu Park. At the end of the tour, the tour participants visited Beijing Road in Guangzhou for shopping before departing to Medan on the next day.

Sending the highest appreciation to PrimeOne School founder, Mr Amrin Susilo Halim for providing such a fruitful trip to all of the members. Congratulations to all of the tour achievers!


今年九月,甲大国际规范学校50名成员访问了中国深圳、清远和广州,以奖励所有最优秀的学生、员工、教师和管理者。这次为期5天的旅程涵盖了各种各样的活动,供全体成员参与。甲大国际规范学校的旅行团将于2023年9月22日从棉兰出发抵达深圳。首先参观的两个地方是世界之窗和锦绣中华,前一个地方提供了世界各地各个地标的微缩景观;在后一个地方,每个人都可以看到最美丽的景色 ——中国著名的微缩模型,包括中国的长城、敦煌莫高窟、黄果树瀑布等等;随后是一场精彩的表演。第二天,团员们前往清远,在黄腾夏网球拍天桥和天安门天行道上体验激动人心的冒险。下一站是广州,团员们参观了花城广场和永庆坊古城。行程的最后一天,团员们参观了广州当地大学、广州塔和越秀公园。行程结束后,团员们前往广州北京路购物,并于次日返回棉兰。

向甲大国际规范学校学校创始人 Amrin Susilo Halim 先生致以最崇高的谢意,感谢他为所有成员提供了一次如此卓有成效的旅行。恭喜所有旅行成就者!

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