PrimeOne School Embarks on Unforgettable Japan Summer Camp

PrimeOne School recently concluded a whirlwind adventure, hosting a summer camp in Japan from June 17th to June 24th, 2024. The program welcomed 54 students, ranging from Elementary 6 to Senior High 2 levels, for an immersive experience in Japanese culture and daily life.

The meticulously crafted itinerary offered a diverse array of activities. Students were honored to be welcomed by the Mayor of Nagano, setting a warm tone for the trip. Cultural exploration included visits to Iyashi no Sato near Mount Fuji, Sano High School and Utsunomiya University. Modern marvels were on display at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, while iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty replica at Daiba Plaza offered photo opportunities.

Shopping adventures unfold at the vibrant DiverCity Tokyo Plaza and the unique 100 yen shops, while Akihabara Electric Town and Anime Town cater to pop culture enthusiasts. From experiencing the elegance of Ginza and trying the bullet train to staying with welcoming house parents and participating in a traditional kimono ceremony, the trip offered a well-rounded cultural immersion. The Mimpaku Program fostered connections with local students, culminating in heart-warming opening and farewell ceremonies.

“We envisioned this summer camp as a bridge between cultures,” shared Ms. Fauziah, Director of PrimeOne School. “By fostering interactions with local students and experiencing traditions like wearing kimonos, we aimed to create lasting memories and cultivate a deeper understanding of Japanese customs.”
Mr. Amrin, Founding Father of PrimeOne School, emphasized the importance of experiential learning. “We believe that travel broadens perspectives and ignites a passion for exploration,” he stated. PrimeOne School’s Japan Summer Camp proved to be a resounding success, fostering cultural understanding, personal growth, and cherished memories for its participants.

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