We made it….! That’s what PrimeOne students said after they claimed medals from Medan Science Olympiad (MSO) organized by Pusat Olimpiade Sains Indonesia (POSI) held on 20 August 2022 at Manhattan Mall which was joined by senior high students from North Sumatra mostly, Aceh, Riau and West Sumatra.

The competition took hours and PrimeOne succeeded to claim several medals. They are:
• Bill Colson won a gold medal for Chemistry
• Klarissa Witania won a silver medal for Mathematics
• Richelle Gwenniver and Vellica Filbert won gold medals for English
• Freesia Liuz, Ribka Uliani Malau, Samuel Joe Anderson Gani and Patricia Nadya won silver medals for English
• Aurelia Caityln Tanujaya, Chloe Alexis Tanizky, Rafael Zein Tanizky and Darren Wijaya won bronze medals for English

Congratulations students..! Good job POS teachers! Don’t stop learning and practising. We are waiting for more medals in the future events.