PrimeOne School’s Quality Policy

  1. PrimeOne School (POS) is committed to eliminating fatuity, illiteracy and providing the media to access knowledge through the implementation of modern and competence –based teaching method.
  2. POS develops both National and International standards of communication competency to ensure the accurate delivery of meaning in written and spoken language in order to avoid misinterpretation.
  3. POS assigns dedicated teachers who continuously guide their students so as to build constructive relationship among them leading to empathy and sympathy.
  4. POS sets the life standards and harmony necessary for students’ physical, mental, spiritual and moral developments.
  5. POS enhances understanding, tolerance and friendship in a multi-ethnic, race and social status school.
  6. POS cares and leads to character building which embraces a respect to human rights and responsibility to accomplish the duties.
  7. POS is committed to creating love, joy, honourable characters, shelter and peaceful mind as well as insight development.
  8. POS will keep teaching justice, wisdom and humanity and devoting itself to the life of humankind through the quality education.
  9. POS is committed to implementing quality management system as required in ISO 9001: 2015 by complying all rules and constitutions in education management to promote the quality education for all POS students and humankind.
  10. POS’s  Board of Management will periodically review the work performance and quality objectives designed for one school year.
  11. This quality policy will be regularly socialized to all people at POS and evaluated periodically by the Board of Management to ensure the conformity with the needs and conditions of POS.
  12. To realize this quality policy, POS is committed to upholding and implementing the norms such as work ethics, morality, teamwork, togetherness, professionalism, coordination, integrity and synchronization.