POS Culture

  1. Always pray before and after doing activities
  2. Love the country, love the school and love peace
  3. Be on time (arrive at school 30 minutes early) and able to manage time
  4. Smile, shake hands and greet people around the school
  5. Communicate in English and Mandarin only
  6. Uphold the ethics of speech, dress, and behaviour
  7. Uphold the good image of the school and its family
  8. Understand the structure of organisation well and carry out the duty in line with it
  9. Be loyal and committed to the oath of office
  10. Do not use Mobile Phones during working hours
  11. Develop entrepreneurship with good morals and ethics at its foundation
  12. Focus on improving oneself to have excellent personality and pursue professionalism so as to be able to educate others
  13. Carry out your duties proactively and be aware of your surroundings, be observant, careful, tidy and innovative
  14. Pursue professional achievement in a sportive way
  15. Be knowledgeable and able to make use of technology in working
  16. Respect elders and help the young
  17. Do visitation to others to strengthen the bond as POS’ big family
  18. Keep a good rapport with parents and guests via telephone and PTCB
  19. Possess high tolerance towards diversity in opinions, race, social status and religion / be open-minded and tolerant towards the differences of religion, tribe, race, the level of academic competence, interest and talent, physical condition and promote empathy to anybody at POS who is having a serious problem or lacks any side.
  20. Obey the superior and the school rules in general
  21. Keep the school and its surrounding clean, safe, organized, beautiful, shady, healthy, free from cigarette, drug, alcohol, and violence/harrassment
  22. Be aware of and take the initiative to prevent situations that can result in danger to POS and its family
  23. Be humble, protective and helpful to all POS members
  24. Carry out one’s duty with sincerely, empathy and sympathy
  25. Be able to meet deadlines and speed up work
  26. Be able to work in team enthusiastically with mutual cooperation
  27. Be communicative and informative
  28. Be a good listener
  29. Be willing to forgive and ask for forgiveness
  30. Be a role model for others
  31. Be wise upon hearing any news, verify and follow up to solve the problems
  32. Be optimistic to face hardship and consider it as a challenge in life
  33. Be able to control emotions and always think positively
  34. Be objective, fair and avoid discrimination
  35. Avoid being greedy and corrupting
  36. Queue up to enter and leave an area and give priority to elders and females