The Mr and Miss PrimeOne School is an annual program held by school which is open to all Junior high and Senior High, confident, intelligent, good character, and committed primeschoolers. PrimeOne School is incredibly proud of this year Mr. and Ms. PrimeOne School finalists who have stepped forward with incredible new talents, precisely at a time when we are facing such grave global challenges.

All finalists were given the virtual intensive mentorship that prepared them for the Mr. and Miss PrimeOne School Finals pitch contest held in May. Parents and supporters were invited to watch the 10 Finalists presenting their talent, campaign and answering the impromptu questions.

Inspired by the beauty of Indonesia, this year the 10 finalists were proudly donning traditional Indonesian clothing from different heritages, representing five of our many different unique national and cultural identity. On June 12th, 2021, all finalists are announced for their winning category.

Congratulation to

David Amri Christ Siregar and Michell Lim on crowning the title of Mr. and Ms. PrimeOne School 2021-2022.

Wiley Ang and Callista Giovanni Tobing on crowning the title of Mr. and Ms. Favourite.

Bambang Hardjo and Ariel Allegria Polfan for winning the Best Speech category

Vanness Wartono and Aurelia Anaqi for winning the Best Outfit category

Kevin Kok and Jasmine Anakins Tahar for winning the Best Talent category