Logo, Flag and Motto

The name of the school is abbreviated as POS with the letter O which joins “P” and “S”.

P is Parents, S is School, which means that parents and school work together in educating and developing the personality of students according to the vision and mission of POS.

The colors in the POS logo:

  1. Yellow means wise and intellectual.
  2. Blue means making decisions that are rational, patient and calm.
  3. Red means brave and confident.
  4. White means pure, clean and positive.

The Letters:

“O” (One) hugging; “P” (POS ‘parents) and “S” (School) means wise parents will always place their children’s education on the top.

The Colors of POS:

– Blue means knowledge, health, decisiveness
– Red means vitality, courage, self – confidence

POS Flag 

Has the meaning that excellent parents always give top priority to the education for their children.

They reflect that the POS is committed to educating and teaching students in order to acquire knowledge and to take decisions on the condition of good health and confidence.

The Meaning of the Colors in POS Flag:
– Yellow has the meaning of being wise and intellectual
– Bue has the meaning of making a rational, patient and tranquil decision
– Red has the meaning of being brave and confident
– White has the meaning of being pure, clean and positive

The whole meaning of the Colors in the POS Flag is POS educates and cultivates the students to become intellectuals who are brave to make rational decisions, tranquil and patient in facing problems, confident, friendly, global-minded and be positive thinkers.