Kathina Celebration At PrimeOne School

Neighbour’s garden will always look green and more beautiful. was the main topic of the speech delivered by Bhante Buripanno Thera, Dirra Punno, Amarapanno, Kusalacitto and Thanisaro who were the distinguished guests during Kathina celebration held last October 31st, 2017. The Buddhist teachers and students gathered to celebrate Kathina in PrimeOne School’s Sasana Bodi.

In his sermon, Bhante Buripanno Thera reminded the students to be thankful for what they have and to stop looking at others’ belongings because neighbour’s garden will always look green and more beautiful. While sitting on the floor, all students solemnly listened to his messages.

Moreover, may this Kathina promote deeper gratitude, love and tolerance into the diversity of PrimeOne School students and strengthen the spirit of togetherness and care to others.