Kathina Celebration At PrimeOne School 2018

It is an honor for PrimeOne School to have 9 bhantes led the 2018 Kathina Day celebration at POS on a clear morning on November 22nd, 2018.

On that day, the delegation consisting of B. PannAsAmA Thera, B. Candasilo Thera, B. Viriya Dhammo, B. Amara Panno, B. Thanissaro, B. Kusalacitto, S. Thiranando, S. PannAramsi, S. Doni arrived at PrimeOne school Buddhist religion class and cetiya, Sasana Bodhi at 9 A.M. local time and led the Kathina sanctified ritual.

The activity was followed by a sermon from B. Kusalacitto regarding the holy aims of Kathina celebration, which are to ensure all living beings’ happiness, to aid Sangha’s activity in delivering Buddha’s teachings, and to train the Buddhists to do good causes to reach the highest level of serenity, “The Nibbana”.

Happy Kathina Day 2562/2018. May the light of giving brightens everyone’s life. Sadhu… Sadhu… Sadhu…