PrimeOne School Cares for The Impact OF COVID-19 Outbreak

The outbreak of COVID-19 has created a global health and economic crisis that has had a deep impact to our world and our everyday lives. This pandemic, which started spreading like wildfire in Indonesia in March, has taken not just lives but also the earnings of millions of workers, one month after the government announced Indonesia’s first two confirmed cases of the virus.

PrimeOne School, being aware of the hardship and people are now enduring out there, immediately took an empathetic and sympathetic action to alleviate the economic burden of not only PrimeOne School staffs and employees but also surrounding community. PrimeOne School Founding Father, Amrin Susilo Halim, instructed to share the following primary needs:

  • 1000 sacks of 5 kg rice
  • 200 sacks of 10 kg rice
  • 1000 packs of cooking oil
  • 200 boxes of instant noodle
  • 1500 packs of salted eggs

The distribution was carried out into two rounds. The first one was 24th April, 2020 and the second one was on 25th April, 2020. The listed items were distributed to:

  • PrimeOne staffs, employees, security officers, cleaning service members and drivers
  • Harjosari II residents
  • Mesjid Al Muslimin
  • Mesjid Darul Azhar
  • Mesjid Al-Huda
  • Mesjid Al-Hilal
  • Gereja HKI Efrata
  • HKBP Jln Gereja
  • GSKI Jln. Bajak 2
  • GKPS Jln. Bajak 2
  • Vihara Buddha Ramsi
  • KORAMIL Amplas
  • KORAMIL Deli Tua
  • POLSEK Amplas

Perhaps this charity may lessen the economic pressure. COVID-19 has taught us many things suc as love, care, solidarity, discipline and responsibility. Sincere gratitude to PrimeOne School. May what PrimeOne has done motivate other people out there to do the same.