PrimeOne School Annual Outbound : Their Last Outdoor Activity Before The Graduation

AIM Student Council helped in pioneering of the new activity for the Senior High School Students, “Prime One Annual Outbound”. This event aimed to challenge and educate the Senior High 3 students who were about to graduate.

In this event, the seniors were required to cooperate with their classmates to complete the games and challenges in order to win advantages of the next rounds furthermore avoid consequences for not completing the mission. For instance, the students built tents which served as their shelter for the day. Without it, they would be forced to endure the heat for the whole day.

The night of the outbound was filled with unforgettable sharing experience, where principal and homerooms shared speech for their beloved students. It was indeed a teary moment as the homerooms who acted as their parents at school, delivered the final messages to the students who would embark on the new journey and would be leaving their families, hometowns, friends, and most especially moments of togetherness behind to pursue their dreams.