(OBKG) And Japanese Universities Reps Visit : Another Literature & Culture Exposure To POS Students

On Tuesday afternoon (August 21st, 2018) The OGKG (Osaka Bunka Kokusai Gakkou) with the Japanese Universities Representatives visited PrimeOne School South POS building in order to expose the Junior High and Senior High School students with the Japanese literature and culture.

Miyuki sensei, with her expertise in teaching foreigners conducted a short Japanese session to POS JH3 and Senior High School students. The short class was exceptional as Miyuki Sensei together with the other guests not only shared Japanese literatures, but also the culture and daily life of foreign students in Japan.

Fuji-San, wearing a mountain-shaped cap, conducted an interactive and funny activities which cracked everyone up. He also prepared a quiz with interesting gifts made by the Japanese students who are currently studying animation in Japan.

The visit was short but surely enriched the knowledge and satisfied the curiosity of the students about living in Japan.