Merry Christmas 2017 And Happy New Year 2018

On Wednesday December 13th, 2017, PrimeOne UCSN Hall School was filled with colourful decoration, student wearing red and white and parents sitting around the stage. It was a festive Christmas celebration and as the cliché goes: Santa Claus is coming to town!

Attended by school representative and all Catholic as well as Christiant teachers, the celebration began with the opening prayer and the singing of religious songs.  There were also performances such as Pantomime presented by GKII and a short drama by PrmeOne’s 7th graders.

The highlight of event was the preaching from Pdt. Dedi Donal Simanjuntak, S.Th., who commended PrimeOne for consistently holding this religious services for the students and parents. He reminded all Hall attendees to share love and care to everyone the way Jesus does.

May this celebration bring unity and harmony in the midst of PrimeOne School diversed culture and religion. May this also strengthen the spirit of togetherness and care one another.