Mars POS


Noble aspirations for others
Increase education to build the nation
Color the progress of Indonesia with
moral, strong mental and spiritual

Pursuing the brilliance of education
Eliminating all forms of ignorance
Developing the nation’s
noble personality and love of each other

PrimeOne School, quality education
PrimeOne School, international standard
PrimeOne School, develop personality
Yang ignorance tough, honest and tolerant

PrimeOne School, the dedication of
PrimeOne School’s life , the seeds of the future success of
PrimeOne School, love of equality
Pandumu PrimeOne School


Having a marvelous dream for humanity
In educating the people for nation build
To colorize Indonesian excellency
With good moral, spiritual, tough mentally

Striving for excellence in education
Building intelligence to all generation
Developing dignity of the nation of humanity
And loving devotion

PrimeOne School, learning of high quality
PrimeOne School positioned to fight globally
PrimeOne School, being a good encouragement
Good standing, honest and tolerance

PrimeOne School, learning of high dedication
PrimeOne School, seeds of future accomplishment
PrimeOne School, love, care and equality
Shall lead you, PrimeOne School is the one

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