PrimeOne School comprises extensive areas with an approximate total of 5 hectares of land covered and two majestic buildings: North Building for preschool and elementary department, and South Building for junior and senior high department. Both North and South Buildings feature the lifts for mobility, filtered tap water for daily consumptions.  Connected with a safe, traffic-free and convenient overhead Skycross, POS is also facilitated with a total of 1.5 hectare parking-lot that can accomodate hundreds of vehicles.


Classrooms are designed to cope with the needs of learners of various ages. Preschool classrooms serve as homelike rooms where the students can play, learn and interact at the same time with the other students as well as with the teachers. In the higher level, the concept of the classrooms designs and arrangements tend to better learning condition with the consideration of the class decorations to motivate the student to study better. Each classroom is provided with multimedia tools aside from the standard classroom facilities such as whiteboards, lockers, tables and chairs.


To boost interaction and social skills of the preschool students, POS provides indoor and outdoor playgrounds that cater to different class schedule. These recreation grounds allow the students to interact with each other and provide an environment that will enable them to discover themselves through activities that also improve their motor skills.


Both North and South Buildings feature dedicated laboratories to support special learning activities. Each building has chemistry, biology, physics laboratories for Science related learning activities, language labs to enhance their listening and speaking skills, computer labs to prepare the students for the advanced digital era.


To expose the students with real natural life, POS provides mini zoos, mini gardens, greenhouse, mini farms under the supervision of the local farmers, teachers, and curricular activity caretakers.


The books and magazines of each building are suited according to the age of the readers. The early learners will be spoiled with storybooks, encyclopedias, and in depth subject books. The young learners are served with specialized articles, magazines, novels, and many varieties of books for their hobbies. The older generation get fiction and non-fiction novels as well as biography books that teach them life lessons.


To build sportsmanship and to produce students with healthy mind and body, POS provide various sports and other physical education related facilities, such as: gymnasium, football field, futsal field, basketball courts, ping-pong courts, badminton courts, tennis courts, running track, swimming pool, and outdoor fitness equipments for those who love workouts.


To support the students in building extra skills, we provide facilities incorporated with extracurricular activities such as: music room, broadcasting room, cooking room, and LEGO™ automation/robotics room.


In order to have various performances and activities, POS has the MPH hall in North building, and UCSN Hall in South Building capable of accommodating more than 1000 audiences. The UCSN Hall has held several local and international concerts and considered as one of state of the art halls in North Sumatra.


In order to maintain practical, safe and better learning environment, POS with the aid of operational division, provides service for the students such as: canteens, clinics with nurse and doctor in charge, bus services, outdoor male securities, indoor female securities, cleaning services, and school dormitory provided with shuttle bus for those who reside from out of town.


POS embraces diversity as our power. To facilitate students with various religions, we provide Cetiya, Chapel, Musholla, and other religion classes to support their religion learning activities.