Alumni Testimony

POS alumni are smart, funny, reflective, and always interesting.

We love to share the journeys of our alumni after their years at PrimeOne School: where they’ve travelled, who they met, what they learned, and how they are finding purposes in their lives. The following are highlights from a few alumni who we’ve been in touch with recently.

POS has become one of the stepping stones for me in public speaking. I have always had the interest to share my thoughts to others and POS has helped me to achieve that through the projects assigned in classes. Little did I know that this led me to be the better version of myself, as I was later given the opportunities to be the President of Aiesec for one of the regions in Canada and represented Indonesian youth in one of the UN agendas.

Feni - Class of 2013Invoicing Associate, Bison Transport Canada

“During my time in POS, I was given the chance to join several club activities which helped me to explore more about myself, especially in Arts. The tasks given in classes required me to develop my critical thinking as well as creativity. This has allowed me to be more expressive which I am grateful for as I later realize that what I learnt has led me to be the Art Programme Director in the Indonesian community of my University.”

Juanita AnastasiaClass of 2013

“PrimeOne school has given a great contribution to make me who I am today. To be honest, academically I learned much from POS, but I had to say that what I learnt the most and is proven to be very useful for me now are the social skills and learning how to respect people. I learnt to respect differences among my classmates and teachers. I might not be the best student but I realize my teachers’ goal is not to make me the best but to make me better than who I was yesterday.”

Subramaniam Jeeshan - Class of 2012Entrepreneur

“I spent three years at PrimeOne School and I should say that it shaped me up to be a confident and disciplined person.  The school environment was great and all the teachers were really helpful.”

Filbert Salim - Class of 2013Co-Founder E-commerce Business (Apstrofi)

“PrimeOne School is a nice school which provides a great and comfortable atmosphere. Teachers and staffs are friendly, dedicated and competent. I have a lot of good friends there. PrimeOne School does not only emphasize on students’ academic performances but also provides various facilities which allow its students to engage and develop more practical skills. After all, thank you, I’m really happy and grateful that I spent my high school years at PrimeOne School.”

Tiffany Veronica Class of 2016

“PrimeOne School has been a major part of my life not because of its excellence in education, but also the teachers and staffs who were very helpful and had always guided me whenever I encountered any difficulty. I couldn’t thank my parents even more for sending their son to the best private school in Medan. May PrimeOne School remain consistent in educating its students and thrive more towards building better generations throughout educational and moral aspects.”

Muhammad Arief Pratama - Class of 2016Industrial Engineering in Technical University of Cologne, German

“I was not good at English when I first came into POS junior high school. I remembered how I hated doing penmanship and composition so much and how POS always required their students to speak English at all times. I’m now very grateful that I spent my high school years in POS.

Afliani Aliansyah - Class of 2013 Audit Associate, KPMG Malaysia

Thanks to PrimeOne school, I have a happy life which I started from scratch.

Kevin Theja - Class of 2012The owner of Chapline Barbershop

“POS has a flexible education system for the students to study and carry out their activities. I didn’t feel any pressure while studying, that’s a good point for a better study experience. I have a lot of good friends, kind and patient teachers. Even though there was a hard situation due to the curriculum change (2013 to 2006 then to 2013 again) plus Cambridge curriculum but I still could make it.

DennisClass of 2016

“POS is a Gigantic school with awesome teachers and staffs who physically and mentally prepare us to go to any universities”

Jason Joni RosmaidyClass of 2016

“PrimeOne school encouraged me a lot to practice my English and communication skill in daily activities. I learned to study not only theoretically but also practically.”

Jefry Gallantino - Class of 2017 Baker

“PrimeOne School has been incredible. It was such a great experience to spend my high school at POS with a great education system, amazing atmosphere, and good facilities. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed my high school moments.  Thanks, POS.”

Shellyn AstanClass of 2016

“I enjoyed my six years in prime one. I met so many great teachers and classmates who become my best friends until today.”

Veronica LestariMarketer and Social Media Manager

“PrimeOne School is a good school with a lot of qualified teachers and complete facilities. I’ve got a lot of knowledge and experiences when I was there, especially when I learned to speak English so whenever I travel, I never feel afraid of talking to foreigners.”

Ivan JonathanClass of 2012

“ POS plays a significant role in shaping me into the person I am now. This is the school that encourages its students to be academically confident. POS challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and conquered challenges.”

Elisa KabanClass of 2013

“I would like to thank PrimeOne School for contributing a lot of experiences that shaped me into who I am today. Our school culture is to respect everyone, starts with our friends, teachers, parents, and our founders. It was even more amazing that some of our teachers are just like our families who led and supported us through ups and downs. I would like personally thank you to all teachers and our founders who have led us to our dream one step closer.”

Julianto SuhartonoClass of 2012